Sean has a therapy practice where he helps people heal from injuries and pain. When he was playing rugby he hurt his back, he was not able to play for...View Details

In this podcast episode, I speak with Martyn O'Dare from Firetree Chocolate. An artisan chocolatier who sources the beans and produces the chocolate h...View Details

Find out the best water to drink for optimal health and which water to consume that is best for the environment. There is so much hype about water, al...View Details

This week on the lifeshot podcast I speak to Hannah Danielle who runs her own dance business up in Doncaster UK. She is super passionate about dance a...View Details

This week we welcome endurance athlete Jamie Marais who has written a book called Determination, and he wants to inspire people to reach for their dre...View Details

I had the privilege to talk to Breathing Expert Tim van der Vliet on lifeshot! It was a great talk as I am super passionate about breathing exercises ...View Details

Confidence coach Scott Hardiman joins us in this episode of lifehsot. We are talking about mental health and wellbeing today. Find out how Scott leads...View Details

Liz Marsland from talks to us about our Nervous system. It is such a vital aspect of our daily motion. How we function, whether i...View Details

As an employer do you provide a healthy and exciting work environment? Do you encourage your workers to look after their mental health, and what steps...View Details

In this episode of the LifeShot podcast, we explore holistic health. How does your mental state affect your health, and how does your gut affect your ...View Details

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