I speak to Liz Marsland from http://www.evolvingwellbeing.com Don't die early by not doing the right thing during the day at your office job. Things ...View Details

I spoke to DJ Eazy in a live Facebook stream and I thought I would upload it here on my podcast. I hope you enjoy the stories and are inspired to keep...View Details

I speak with Dietician, Dalia Maori from Cambridge, United Kingdom. We had a very interesting conversation about lifestyle choices, what to eat and po...View Details

I speak to Lee Grigsby today about goal setting and finding meaning and purpose in this turbulent time You can find Lee here on FB https://www.faceboo...View Details

I speak to Julie Langlois, a life coach and Qigong specialist. We spoke about meditation, diet and movement in this live Facebook streaming session.

I watched an interview with Peter Attia on Health Theory and I loved his tag line "Kicking ass at 100" I thought, yes, that is what I want to do! I ha...View Details

Social, economic and political turmoil. We are in the biggest pandemic our generation has known. It is unprecedented. No one knows what just hit them....View Details

It's so important to look after your body in a time like this where we have a pandemic running riot around the world. Learn 3 things you will get and ...View Details

In this session, I answer a question from one of my clients who has just gone through my 14 Day Body Reset Program. You can join too by clicking on th...View Details

A weak core is one of the main reasons why people have back issues. What nutrients and supplements do I need to maintain a healthy back -> Omega 3,...View Details

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